Better Health Through Consumerism

It has come to my attention that I have put on some weight. How much? I don’t know. But enough that the only skirts I’m wearing any more are my completely forgiving knit skirts. The other ones won’t button. This is rather worrisome.

I’ve been told that newlyweds all gain weight, but I strongly suspect that the transition from walking everywhere to sitting at a desk all day with nothing more aerobic than a dash for the bus is at the root of the problem. Since arthritis has done a number on my joints, running and any sports are right out.

It’s back to the old standby–walking. Since my old pedometer is so big that it leaves a huge bulge under clothing, I have replaced it with the world’s cutest pedometer. It looks like some kind of aluminum and glass candy. The jury is still out on whether my new toy will help me get more exercise, but it sure is shiny.


About Meg

A recent college grad and newlywed trying to figure out this whole maturity thing.
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